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Pre Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Sessions

Thursday October 12, 2023 | 10am - 4pm | Lunch included

Interventions for Infants, Children, and Teens Affected by Drug and Alcohol Exposure

Dr. Ira Chasnoff

*Also available at select large gathering simulcast locations

If you are supporting a child through foster care or adoption whose birth mother used drugs or alcohol during pregnancy, this session is for you. Based on Dr. Chasnoff’s award-winning new book, Guided Growth, this session will integrate the sciences of education, brain development, early learning, and behavioral management specifically related to children affected drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.
The program will help parents and professionals understand:
  • The brain basis of their children’s learning and behavioral problems due to prenatal drug and alcohol exposure
  • The normal learning process and how prenatal drug and alcohol exposure disrupts that process
  • 5 strategies for setting your child up for success both academically and behaviorally.
  • Foster Parent training credit available (5.5 hours)
  • Professional CEs are available (5.5 hours) at an additional cost

Trauma: Understanding and Application

Cindy Lee

This pre-conference is for parents and professionals seeking to learn more about the impact of trauma on children and how to effectively respond. Understanding the nuisances and complexities of trauma is challenging. Applying what we know about trauma to help those we love is even more complex.
In this session attendees will learn:
  • Trauma education
  • Step-by-step methods for addressing behaviors associated with trauma
  • Practical tools to use in your home or office for even the most challenging behaviors

Cindy Lee is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) specialist and Director of the Halo Project, an organization specializing in supporting children therapeutically who have been impacted by adoption and foster care.

  • Foster Parent training credit available (5.5 hours)
  • Professional CEs are available (5.5 hours) at an additional cost

Strengthening Your Marriage

Dr. Jan Hook

Life is difficult. Marriage is difficult. Yet, we all want more in life and more in our marriages. In this workshop you have an opportunity to look at yourself and your marriage. We will focus on how conflict can be a gift and help us grow ourselves and our marriages. You will also be given tools to help you take steps to strengthen your marriage.

Jan is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Illinois.  He does individual and marital counseling. He is in private practice at The Arlington Center in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

  • Foster Parent training credit available (5.5 hours)

The Soul and Strategy of Effective Leadership:
Practical Solutions for Leading Well for the Long Haul

Jason Johnson

If you are leading or advocating in any capacity, this pre conference workshop is for you. Vibrant ministry springs from a vibrant soul and excellent strategy is only as sustainable as the source from which it is drawn. Yet with the constant pouring out that life requires - from leading ministries, advocating for vulnerable children and families, parenting, strategizing, problem solving and more - how do we build rhythms of rest, renewal and vitality? How do we ensure that our souls are not lost in all the good we are working towards? How do we consistently abide in Jesus, develop clarity of focus on what’s most important and put strategies in place to not only tend to the ministries God has entrusted to us, but to tend to ourselves as well.

You’ll gain insights and ideas on things related to leadership, elements of movement, messaging and catalyzing people to see and respond to opportunities in front of them. We’ll explore how to effectively engage churches, manage and lead volunteers, and form healthy systems and culture among the team you work with and for. But, perhaps most importantly, we will open ourselves to God’s renewal of our own souls as well. We’ll consider how to grow not only in our leadership, but in our personal lives, habits and rhythms that sustain physical, emotional and spiritual vitality admits the long journey of ministry.

  • Foster Parent training credit available (5.5 hours)

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