Carrie O’Toole

Carrie O’Toole, M.A. is a Board-Certified Christian Life Coach, helping parents of children with attachment and trauma deal with their own grief, trauma, and everyday hurts through her coaching, podcasting, blog, and retreats. Carrie is the author of Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go, and the producer of the documentary film, Forfeiting Sanity. 

Carrie will be leading sessions for our RAD Renew, Refresh, and Restore Retreat that she has developed over the last decade working with parents of traumatized children. She uses her crisis response training to help parents work through their own grief, and heal their own trauma using experiential activities that activate both sides of the brain. Carrie believes all healing comes from God, and she invites the Holy Spirit into the sessions. All glory goes to God!