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Make a Foster or Adoptive Parent say

"No Way!"


"A team of people from your church will catch the vision…you will make amazing connections with other foster parents who now want to be part of your team to help grow Replanted….you will provide much-needed connection for some worn-out parents…you will help marriages find some rest and renewal at least one weekend a year when they come to Replanted…you will find out that God is FOR you and FOR Replanted at your church!"

Ryan - Host Site Leader in Dearborn, MI

Would you like to bring the hope and healing of the Replanted Conference to your area?

Our *NEW* for 2024 host site experience, is meant to make this experience feel less like a watch-the-screen simulcast and more like a community and relationship building local event, hosted by you. We will have specific moments built into the conference experience designed to connect people in your community together and drive healing and engagement. We know inspiring and equipping your local foster and adoptive community excites you, so register now to become a host site!

Want to learn more?

Fill out our hosting interest form and we will be in touch with you with more details.

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Host A Replanted Conference

Large Gathering

Large gatherings are more than 15 attendees with your church or organization. All you need is a good internet connection and a TV or a projector.

What Replanted Expects from Hosts

  • A willingness to create an atmosphere filled with grace and love
  • A desire for attendees to feel encouraged and closer to Jesus
  • Promotion to your network and friends
  • Communication of important local details to your attendees
  • The recruitment of NO WAY gifts for attendees
    • For example: for 50 attendees recruit ~20 gift cards, cash, or gifts valued at $50
  • A warm and welcoming space with a large screen and a strong internet connection

What You Can Expect From Replanted

Large Gathering Host Package


  • A passion to bring support to your community
  • Zoom meetings with leadership team to guide hosting
  • Technical support during the event
  • Management of registrations for your host site
  • A conference-in-a-box kit with interactive elements
  • A comprehensive hosting guide (PDF)
  • Access to digital promo graphics to market to your community
  • Access to Replanted bonus content
  • Printable Digital Attendee Guide (PDF) for attendees

Small Gathering Host Package


  • Registration for 10 attendees
  • Hosting Guide (PDF)
  • Printable Digital Attendee Guide (PDF) for attendees
  • Email support during the event
  • *Small group registration does not include mailed swag/interactive elements or management of registration
Host A Replanted Conference

Small Gathering

Host a small gathering in your home or conference room with your family, friends, or small group. All you need is a good internet connection and a TV or a projector.

What is the refund policy for the hosts?

We are sorry but we will not be able to provide a refund. The host fee is used to support the Replanted Conference and all the resources we provide.

Can the attendee watch the conference from home and not at the host site?

No. A host site attendee will not have access to the live-stream simulcast link and will not be able to watch from home unless they purchased the digital bonus content. Our heart for hosting is for the foster and adoptive caregivers to gather together to find community and support.

Does the host need to register as an attendee for the host site?

The host does need to register using the host code issued by HostSite@replantedministry.org, but does not neet to pay the attendee fee for the host site. Thank you for your heart to bring support and community to the local community of foster and adoptive caregivers and all the hard work that you are putting in …

Does the host need to register as an attendee for the host site? Read More »

Do you ship host kits to international sites?

We are only able to ship host kits to host sites in the USA. For other international sites, we will do our best to provide you with the necessary graphics if you would like to purchase items for your attendees.

What is the refund policy for attendees?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to issue refunds if an attendee needs to cancel. Attendees are welcome to gift their registration to a friend or offer it to a scholarship recipient.

As a host site, do we need to provide childcare?

Due to the nature of topics discussed and in order to provide participants with the opportunity to relax, though we love kids (and we really love kids), we prefer the conference to be a “Kid Free” event. This includes babies. But if you elect to provide childcare, you can communicate that to your attendees. During …

As a host site, do we need to provide childcare? Read More »

What are the resources to help host?

Large Gathering Hosting includes: Replanted support leading up to event (live) Technical support during event Comprehensive Hosting Guide (PDF) PR Kit to market event to your network Replanted Bonus Content Digital Attendee Guide (PDF) you can print for attendees Shipment of swag and interactive elements that pair with in-person event You simply need to host …

What are the resources to help host? Read More »

Large gathering: What if I (the host) want to cover my attendee cost (full or partial)?

All these options are available to you. Just email HostSite@replantedministry.org and our team will set you up. Please note, your attendees will still need to register with a code and we will send you an invoice at the close of the conference.

Do I have the option of delayed hosting?

Yes. Our live-stream will be October 25-26, 2024. If you are unable to host that weekend, you can host a delayed viewing October 27th, 2024 through November 16th, 2024. If you opt to do a delayed viewing, you will need to know the dates when you register as a host site. 

Can I host internationally?

Yes, you are able to host internationally. However, you would need to register as a small gathering per the limitations of our registration platform. International sites are still able to access all live-streamed and delayed viewing sessions and would have the option to purchase bonus content for an extra small fee. International sites are responsible …

Can I host internationally? Read More »